„7. European Theatre Day of Tolerance”, 1st February 2018

For the seventh year already, nearly 1000 theatres, concert halls and other event locations in Europe and in North and South America are marking February 1st as the European Theatre Day of Tolerance, by reading out the memorandum below prior to their performances.

They take position against the rise of nationalist and racist movements that jeopardize peace in European societies by spreading hatred and exclusion and which violate the fundamental European values of “liberty, equality and fraternity” as well as human rights.

This initiative was launched by a number of well-known artists including Gaby Welker, François-Michel van der Rest, Renald Deppe, Bernd C. Sucher, and Markus Kupferblum, who wrote the memorandum.

I kindly ask you to support this initiative by spreading the word as widely as possible to the public, and, if possible, to read out the memorandum on 1st of February 2018 to your audience before the play, opera, concert, recital, lecture, or whatever other event you are having that day. I would also be grateful if you could send a picture or video of this to office@kupferblum.com



Ladies and gentlemen, dear audience,

I am reading to you a memorandum, which is being read out today in most European theatres in the local language prior to their performances.

Today is February 1st 2018, which we are marking for the seventh time as the European Theatre Day of Tolerance.

In the whole of Europe, right-wing populist parties are becoming more influential, aiming to return to european nationalism of the 19th century. They divide societies, build walls and spread the illusion that achieving their goals would mean an improvement of peoples lives. Yet in the 20th century, we have had to painfully learn the true consequences of nationalism.

In a spirit of enlightenment and by keeping to the tradition of our art form, we theatre artists side with those who stand up for freedom and peace in our societies, for openness, curiosity and for humanity.

We explixitly oppose all those who challenge the idea of European solidarity and unity and the validity of human rights. We therefore want to support those in our country and in our immediate surrounding who are less well-off.

Through our theatrical work we want to overcome what separates our society, arouse curiosity and sharpen people’s senses for societal truths – for the common benefit of everybody, for peace and freedom in Europe. Because we are all born free and equal in dignity and rights, we are all citizens of one world. Today is the 1st of February 2018. Let us for the seventh time mark this day as "European Theatre Day of Tolerance".

Markus Kupferblum

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