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Newsletter Fall 2016


Dear friends and companions!

A wonderful summer is followed by a productive autumn - a number of projects are being worked on and will be shown this fall, which continue our small series of little treasures, which are accessible for our privileged public.

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Foto Kein mond, kein Taxi

EntArteOpera: „No moon, no taxi“,
8.9. – 14.9.2016, 19h30, Semperdepot

Topic of the festival EnArteOpera this year are female (VERFEMTE) composers; Theresa Thomasberger wrote a play about the dutch cellist and conductor Frieda Belinfante, member of a resistance group in World War II and a known homosexual. She dedicated six years of her live supporting her first love, Henriette Bosmans, a well-known composer of the time. During the war she disguised herself as a man and forged documents in order to help hundreds of persecutees. She also participated in the demolishment of registration office of Amsterdam. After fleeing to the U.S.A. she was the first woman worldwide to found her own orchestra. Because of her sexual orientation this orchestra was closed in 1962.

On stage: Stephanie Schmiderer and Therese Cafasso. Director: Markus Kupferblum.

Premiere: 8.9.2016, 7.30 p.m.

Semperdepot, 1060 Wien, Lehargasse 6-8

Further dates: 10., 12. and 14.9.2016, always 7.30 p.m.

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Foto Cervantes und Shakespeare

„Cervantes and Shakespeare, 400 years of cultural heritage“,
13. and 14.9.2016, Strasbourg

Since it’s been some time, I’m especially glad to be active in France again.

I’m participating as a referent at the European Table Ronde„Cervantès et Shakespeare, 400 ans d’héritage européen” in Strasbourg.

The top-class international conference takes place on 13.9. at 6 p.m. in Médiathèque André Malraux (language: French).

Cervantes’ „Le retable de merveilles”, Theatre of Wonders” is the inspiration for a performance I will show in Lieu d’Europe on 14.9. at 6 p.m.

On 12.9. I speak about Jewish Viennese composers in the Synagogue of Strasbourg.

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Foto On A String

On A String, Performance,
13.10.2016, New York

Together with Therese Cafasso and Maximilian Shire I show the performance „On A String”, commissioned by AKFNY.

„On A String” tells the story of an individual seeking direction. Clown acts, Mask Theater, music and storytelling create a single performance with one big theme: the present with all its uncertainties. Dramatical, comical and musical elements portray the moments of decision, characterized by doubt, fear, anger, challenge and love.

With Therese Cafasso, Max Shire and Markus Kupferblum

ACFNY (Austrian Cultural Forum), New York, 13.10.2016

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Foto Wolkenpumpe

SCHLÜTERWERKE: „Wolkenpumpe“,
6.11. to 11.12.2016, Café 7Stern, Wien

After the great success of tour DADA production „Wolkenpumpe”,  our Schlüterwerke homage to Raoul Hausmann returns to Vienna as a coffee break.

We play from 6.11. to 11.12.2016 every Sunday at 3 p.m. in Café 7Stern, Vienna.

Starring the SCHLÜTERWERKE ensemble.

Please reserve tickets in advance! Just reply to this newsletter to do so!

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Foto Bühnenreif

„Bühnenreif, 2. Akt“, „Ready for the stage, second act“,
11.11.2016, Hans Arp Museum, Remagen, Germany

Hans Arp Museum, Remagen, shows an exhibition about theatre history. I was happy to contribute several items on loan as well as an article for the catalogue of the exhibition.

I will be present at the opening and will give a special tour on Commedia dell’Arte.

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I would be happy to welcome you to some of these events!

With warm regards,
Markus Kupferblum

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markus@kupferblum.com          https://kupferblum.com