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Newsletter Fall 2017


Dear friends and companions,

I hope you had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to an inspiring fall.

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Foto Totales Theater

30th anniversary of „Totales Theater“

Exactly 30 years ago I founded „Totales Theater“, Austrias first Fringe Opera Company. After having created this necessity, the city administration of Vienna founded a budget for Fringe Opera.

Since then, many wonderful artists began to work in this city, creating a vibrant and innovative opera scene.

With our opera company „Totales Theater“ and later „Schlüterwerke“ we created a countless number of various productions in the most exciting venues, drawing a young and curious audience.

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Foto Cervantes und Shakespeare

16.9.2017, „Marcel Marceau“
Hans Arp Museum, Remagen, BRD

For the 50th anniversary of the Jean Arp Museum in Remagen/Germany I will mime again - for the first time since decades. It is a big honour to play Marcel Marceau himself. He was one of the founders of this museum, together with Martha Agerich and other artists. They performed happenings in the abandoned railway station of Remagen and Jean Arp, who visited them, was highly impressed and donated half of his works to the small museum - which now grew to be one of the biggest in Germany.

Event at Hans Arp Museum

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Foto Doron Rabinovici

24.9.2017, 12h „Wild But Heart“, Porgy & Bess, Wien
with Doron Rabinovici

I have breakfast once a month. It's an open invitation to Porgy & Bess...the breakfast contains coffee, tea, nourishment, literature, thoughts and music.

Together with a special guest, we muse about the past, the present and the future...the utopistic and the naked truth.

Guest: Doron Rabinovici, historian and author

Event at Porgy & Bess

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Foto Nikolaus Habjan

© Sabine Hauswirth

8.10.2017, 12h „Wild But Heart“, Porgy & Bess, Wien
with Nikolaus Habjan

I invite for breakfast the second time together with Nikolaus Habjan, director, puppeteer and whistler. We will certainly not only talk about masks and puppets...

Event at Porgy & Bess

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Foto Acting Shakespeare

19. – 20.10. 2017, „Acting Shakespeare“-Workshop,
Shakespeare Festival Tel Aviv

By using various exercises and skills from different theatre traditions, such as Nô theatre, Balinese masks, Commedia dell’Arte up to post-dramatic acting, I will work on Shakespeare Characters with professional actors, directors and drama teachers from Israel.

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Foto Bottom's Dream

21.10.2017, 20h „Bottom’s Dream“,
Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv

A live performance with painting, acting and music explores the dream of Bottom, the weaver of Shakespeares “A Midsummer Night's Dream”, whose head had been transformed to the head of a donkey by Puck… during the night with Titania, he has a strange dream… he decides to never tell anybody about this dream… but probably it is still worth knowing….
Painting: Alex Kremer
Music: Gershon Waiserfeier
Concept and Acting: Markus Kupferblum

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It would be wonderful to meet you again soon at any of these occasions.

Yours sincerely
Markus Kupferblum

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