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Newsletter 11/17


Dear friends and companions!

Time flies, it’s already November...and there are many new projects to tell about!

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Foto Ingala Pierrot

23rd – 26th November 2017: “mondsüchtig – ein theatraler Liederabend” (“moonstruck – a theatric song recital”)

“mondsüchtig” is the next project of our music theatre ensemble “Schlüterwerke” and is going to be a beautiful poetical gem. Centre of it all is the song cycle op. 4 Zwölf Gedichte aus Pierrot Lunaire (Twelve poems of Pierrot Lunaire) by Max Kowalski, determinating an eerily beautiful story of the lost past.

The song cycle was published in 1913 by Simrock Verlag (Berlin). Max Kowalski, himself lawyer, singer and composer, was a close friend of Arnold Schönberg. Schönberg, known as very critical towards his contemporaries, held Kowalskis musical oeuvre in high esteem and the Zwölf Gedichte aus Pierrot Lunaire by Kowalski where more popular among critics and audience than Schönbergs own musical version of the same cycle of poems (published in Vienna 1914).

Author of the cycle of poems Pierrot Lunaire is Albert Giraud, here presented in a translation by O. E. Hartleben.

Over the decades Kowalskis oeuvre has mostly been forgotten. By playing this highly fascinating and musically truly original song cycle we reveal a hidden treasure of music history.

Venue is the first floor of the old post & telegraph office, Zollergasse 31, 1070 Vienna, with kind furtherance by Raja Schwahn-Reichmann, Bernhard Balas, Norbert Gsellmann and Vienna's Neubau district as co-production of sirene Operntheater.

Colombine: Beatrice Ferolli (actress)
Pierrot: Ingala Fortagne (soprano)
Rosalie: Therese Cafasso (piano, performance)
Director: Markus Kupferblum
Concept: Therese Cafasso
Assistance: Johanna Jonasch

Showed on: 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th of November 2017, always at 9 p.m. (21:00).
Venue: Ehemaliges k. und k. Post- und Telegraphenamt, Zollergasse 31, 1070 Wien.
Tickets: ticket@schlueterwerke.at

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Foto Sebastian Prantl

26th of November 2017, 12 p.m.: “Wild But Heart”, Porgy&Bess, Vienna
with Sebastian Prantl

Of course there is another date of “Wild But Heart” in Porgy&Bess in November. To my breakfast-performance-series, which I create once a month together with a guest, I this time invite Sebastian Prantl, dancer, choreograph, teacher and visionary.

The breakfast contains coffee, tea, nourishment, literature, thoughts and music.

Our topic this time: voidages.

Event Porgy & Bess

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Foto Stefan Sterzinger

3rd of December 2017, 12 p.m.: “Wild But Heart”, Porgy&Bess, Vienna
with Stefan Sterzinger

Following up is the 4th breakfasting time. This time with Stefan Sterzinger , true Viennese old hand, musician, singer, founder of some legends of this city! Enjoy!

Event Porgy & Bess

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Foto Totales Theater

30 years of “Totales Theater”

Exactly 30 years ago I founded “Totales Theater”, Austria’s first Fringe Opera Company. After having created this necessity, the city administration of Vienna founded a budget for Fringe Opera.

Since then, many wonderful artists began to work in this city, creating a vibrant and innovative opera scene.

With our opera company “Totales Theater” and later “Schlüterwerke” we created a countless number of various productions in the most exciting venues, drawing a young and curious audience.

We are therefore planning a big anniversary celebration in spring!

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It would be wonderful to meet you again soon at any of these occasions!

Yours sincerely
Markus Kupferblum

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