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Newsletter Spring 2018


Dear friends and companions!

Spring is here and there are several events to be presented.

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Foto Erika Freeman

13th of May 2018, 12 p.m.: “Wild But Heart” , Porgy&Bess, Vienna
with Erika Freeman

My guest on Sunday will be the renowned psychoanalyst Dr. Erika Padan-Freeman.

She was born in Vienna, fled from the Nazis to London and then New York and became one of the most famous “Shrinks” in the U.S.A. Numerous artists were her clientele and she received numerous international awards. But above all she is a real “Mensch”.

We will talk about humanity. It will surely be a marvelous event!

Event Porgy & Bess

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Foto Theodor Herzl

7th of June 2018, 7:30 p.m. and 8th of June 2018, 6 p.m.: “Theodor Herzl”, Theater im Nestroyhof –Hamakom, Vienna

For the 70th anniversary of the state of Israel I direct a dramatic reading about Theodor Herzl and his idea of a Jewish State. The dramatic reading is part of the “Festival of Jewish culture”; the text is written by Liora Eger.

Katharina Stemberger, Erwin Steinhauer, Andreas Fellerer, Iliya Roithmann and Liora Eger will be reading.


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Buchtitel Der kleine Wassermann

15th of June 2018, 10. a.m.: “Der kleine Wassermann” (“The Little Water-Sprite”), Philharmonie Luxemburg, Luxemburg

Once again I am guest of the Philharmonie Luxemburg. This time with the production of “The Little Water-Sprite” (Ottfried Preußler).

Over 200 children will sing under the musical direction of Martin Folz. Konrad Stania creates the visual projections. Marie-Christiane Nishimwe will be our soloist.

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Foto Stefan Vladar

24th of June 2018: “Wild But Heart” , Porgy&Bess, Wien
with Stefan Vladar

The last “Wild But Heart” of this season is with conductor and famous pianist Stefan Vladar.

We will look at the past, the future and our inner selves – and surely strike a chord with the wonderful Fazioli grand piano on stage…

Event Porgy & Bess

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Foto Markus Kupferblum

I would be happy to see you to any of these occasions!

Best regards

Yours sincerely
Markus Kupferblum

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