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Newsletter May 2016


Dear friends and companions,

in the next few weeks there are some events, to which I would like to invite you.

In Munich the festival „Vienna is different“ is running since the beginning of May. On this occasion a number of my plays are being presented there. At the closure of the festival on 19. June a public discussion will take place on the topic of Vienna’s culture and politics.

Also in Vienna some of quite diversive productions of mine will be shown. Here the chronological order:

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Foto Eisemann

„Eisemann – the dancer who fell from the sky“,
1. June – 11. June 2016, Schwarzberg, Vienna

This play by Bernd Watzka tells the true story of a tight rope artist, who fell to death from his rope, when he carried his 16 years old daughter on his shoulders crossing the Donaukanal River in Vienna in 1949 in front of thousands of spectators.

Gioia Osthoff, Patrick Seletzky and
Stefan Sterzinger
Music: Stefan Sterzinger
Stage Manager: Richard Raithofer
Costumes: Raja Schwahn-Reichmann
Projections: Konrad Stania
Directed by Markus Kupferblum
Production: wiendrama

We will perform until 11. June in different locations in Vienna. The opening night will take place on 1. June at 20h in the Schwarzberg Club (former Ost-Club) in Vienna.

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Foto Pfüh

„The big and the small Poooh“,
2. June – 5. June 2016, Dschungel Vienna

The popular children book by Christine Rettl had been transformed by the composer Magdalena Zenz and herself into a breathtaking children’s musical. The costumes were designed and produced by scholars of the fashion school Michelbeuren in Vienna.

The world premiere will take place on 2. June in Dschungel Wien, theatre for young audiences, at 10:00 and 18:00 . We will perform twice a day until 5. June 2016 at different times.

Starring: Ingala Fortagne, Andrea Köhler, Elisabeth Zenz, Béla Bufe, Florian Hackspiel
Music: Magdalena Zenz, Valentin Eybl, Bernd Satzinger
Costumes: scholars of the fashion school Michelbeuren
Projection: Konrad Stania
Directed by Markus Kupferblum
Production: artiststreet

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Plakat Wolkenpumpe

„The Cloud Pump“,
10. June 2016, Kulturfabrik Pasing, Munich

Almost exactly 100 years ago the DADA movement was found in the backroom of a café in Zürich. On this occaison we present a hommage to Raoul Hausmann, the only viennese DADA artist, who almost is forgotten in his hometown.

We are invited to the festival „Vienna is different“ in Munich with this production, which we already have performed in Vienna with great success.

Ingala Fortagne, Stephanie Schmiderer, Andrea Köhler, Florian Hackspiel und Béla Bufe
Fabian Pollack: Guitar
Christoph Haritzer: Clarinet, Accordeon
Valentin Duit: Drums
Renald Deppe: Clarinet, Saxophone, Toy-piano, Conception
Directed by Markus Kupferblum
Production: Schlüterwerke

10. June 2016, 20h, Kulturfabrik Pasing, Munich, Germany

This performance was kindly sponsored by the Federal Chancellery of Austria, BKA

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Foto Dido

„The abandoned Dido“,
12. June 2016, Kulturfabrik Pasing, Munich

As a part of the „Vienna is different“ Festival in Munich some of my short films and filmed productions were shown to the german public.

On 12. June at 20h the film of the Opera Monologue „The abandoned Dido“ will be presented, a production which has been awarded with the Nestroy Theatre Award of the City of Vienna in 2007.

This and other DVDs a still available for purchase. If you are interested just press the reply button to ask for further information.

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Plakat Esperanza

„Esperanza – a partisan opera“,
16. June bis 26. June 2016, Vienna Woods, Vienna

At last Schlüterwerke are presenting a very special and unique Capriccio, which will take place – due to ist topic – in the middle of a forest.

Lydia Mischkulnig wrote a highly dramatic libretto to this partisan opera, which treats Europe’s way of facing historical events. While holding emotional speeches on the past, a mayor of a small villlage in Austria is confronted with an unpleasant reality. Magdalena Zenz wrote a radical and diversified music to this contemporary epic, which does not leave us any emergency exit to escape from reality.

We present „Esperanza – a partisan opera“ in the Vienna Woods.

Carmen: Ulla Pilz Mayor: Béla Bufe Martha: Magdalena Zenz Costumes: Ingrid Leibezeder Directed by Markus Kupferblum Production: Schlüterwerke

Opening night: 16. June 2016
Shows on: 17., 18., 19.,  23., 24., 25. and 26. June 2016
at 20h
Meeting point: Bus stop of 38A, „Parkplatz Cobenzl“
We do NOT perform in rain to protect our instruments!

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I will be glad to meet you again!

Sincerely yours,
Markus Kupferblum

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