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Markus Kupferblum

Playing Shakespeare

Time: 19 - 20 October 2017

Venue: Shakespeare Festival Tel Aviv

Shakespeare is revealing the human nature and is spotting out every weak point of his characters. These weak points are very often the key to the understanding of them and the way to give them life on stage.

We will use various exercises and skills from different theatre traditions, such as Nô theatre, Balinese masks, Commedia dell’Arte up to post-dramatic acting to find the right expression.

In most of his monologues Shakespeare is teaching his public how to deal with emotions. His characters are passing from a strong emotion to analysis of the situation, then further to a hypothesis and the experiment, to check, if this is really true. The result of this experiment provokes the decision which action to undertake.

And after all, the greek tragedy teaches us, that we human beings are submit to fate and there is no way to escape it. This fate leads us to decay and pain. But Shakespeare tells us in his last 3 plays: human beings are submit to fate, but this fate is leading us to bliss.