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Markus Kupferblum


MARKUS KUPFERBLUM – Theatre and Opera Director, Playwright, Performer, Teacher
Born 12.6.1964 in Vienna
Citizenship: Austria, Europe, Permanent Resident of the USA (Green Card)
Married to Therese Shire-Kupferblum, American Citizen, two sons, Noah, born in 2014, Levi born in 2021
Language Skills: German (Native Speaker), French, English, Spanish, basic Italian
1985 Completed the first section in Law, Philosophy and Sociology at the University of Vienna, (the equivalent to a Bachelor Degree)
1982 High School Graduation at "Akademisches Gymnasium" in Vienna
1982 -1985  „Begabtenstipendium“ (special Scholarship for gifted students)
2009 Masterclass on Topeng with Wayan Tangguh, Bali, Indonesia
1996 Masterclass with Carlo Boso, actor of Giorgio Strehler, on Commedia dell’Arte, Belgium
1995 Intensive Film Studies, SCE, New York University, NYC
1994 Topeng Mask Work in the STSI School, Bali, Indonesia
1986/87  Masterclasses with Philippe Gaulier and Monika Pagneux in Paris
1986 Acting with Prof. Ferolli at the Musical Department of the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna
1984 and 1985  Jazz Dance at the “Tanzforum” Vienna and at “Fama” in Buenos Aires
1982 and 1983  Sound Engineering for musicians at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna
Pantomime with Willi Gansch
Commedia dell ́Arte, Banyoles, Spain
1981 to 1984  Tenor at Jeunesse Choir, Vienna, head: Günther Theuring
1972 to 1982  Violin with Prof.Buchmann and Prof.Berey (Conservatory of Vienna)
1999 Co-Directing with Verena Weiss, “Amarilys My Love”, Theatre of St. Etienne, France
1995 Co-Directing with Verena Weiss, National Theatre Innsbruck, Austria
1994 Co-Directing of “Persephone” and “Turandot”, Busoni, with Achim Freyer,
Teatro La Fenice, Venice, Italy
Opera de la Bastille, Paris, France
1992 Personal Assistant of Achim Freyer, "Freyer and Toscanini rehearse La Traviata", Landestheater, Kiel, Germany
1988 Personal Assistant of Antoine Vitez, "Pelleás et Melisande", State Opera, Vienna, Austria
1987 Co-Directing with Sebastian Prantl, "The Falling Stewardess", Tanztheater, Vienna
2019 "Operetta Frog of the Bavarian National Radio" August 2019 for the production of the operetta "Cloclo" by Franz Lehár
2013 “Best Play” for the production “The emperor of Atlantis” by the Ministry of Culture, Vienna
2011 “Best Play” for the production “The secret of the mansion” by the Ministry of Culture, Vienna
2007 „Nestroy“ Award of the City of Vienna for the best Fringe Production 2007 for „The abandoned Dido“
“Best Play” for the production „The abandoned Dido“ by the Ministry of Culture, Vienna
2004 Award of the Jeunesse Competition "Fang den Ton" for "Die Blecharbeiter", Vienna
1993 “1. Prix d’humour”, “Best humouristic play” in the Festival of Avignon for the direction of “Les Moustaches de la Reine”
1992 “Coup de Coeur”, Festival of Avignon for the direction of “Peer Gynt”
1991 “Best Play” for the production “Dark Light” by the Ministry of Culture, Vienna
1986 Recognition Award for Performing Arts by the County of Lower Austria
since 2013  Schlueterwerke, Vienna
1989 to 1998  Total Théâtre, Paris
1987 to 2010  Totales Theater, Vienna
2021 L+L, Linde Waber and Lotte Ingrisch, book presentation
DIRECTED and PRODUCED „Totales Theater“:
2020 "Wire to the Beyond" - Performance for the 80th Birthday of Linde Waber, Vienna
2010 „Answer to a never written letter“, the story of my father, by Markus Kupferblum, Pablo Ariel, Music: Renald Deppe,
Akko Festival, Israel,
2009 „Before the Law“, inspired by Kafka, Supreme Court, Vienna
1996 “Commedia dell’Europa”, Café Europa, Vienna
“The inopportune visit”, by Copi, Theater im Künstlerhaus, Vienna
1994 “Oh Glöckchen der närrischen Liebe”, Hommage to Robert Walser, Vienna,
“Der Engelbrunnen auf der Wieden”, Performance, Totales Theater am Mittersteig, Vienna
“UrUrUrFaust”, after Goethe, Totales Theater am Mittersteig, Vienna
1993 “Un mir singan sich a lid”, 50th Anniversary of the uprising in the Warzaw Ghetto, with Albert Thiemann and the presence of Simon Wiesenthal, Volkstheater, Vienna
1992 “Heldenwärts Zu”, Markus Kupferblum, Studio Molière, Vienna
“Verlorene Schritte”, Hommage to André Breton, Vienna
1991 “Die Wahrheit über Anna Blume”, Hommage to Kurt Schwitters, Vienna
“Finsteres Licht”, Markus Kupferblum, Vienna,
New York,
Award of the Ministry of Culture, Vienna
1990 “Marie Dein Liebster Wartet Schon”, Hommage to Konrad Bayer, Vienna, Paris
1989 “Penthesilea”, Kleist, Mödling, Austria
“Valentin”, Dance theatre, Tanztangente, Berlin
DIRECTED and PRODUCED „Total Théâtre, Paris“:
1998 “La Dernière Nuit de Scheherazade”, Théâtre Arcane, Paris
1993 “Les Moustaches de la Reine”, Teneriffa, Paris, Brussels, Awarded “1. Prix de l’Humour”, Festival of Avignon, more than 200 performances in 6 different countries
1992 “Peer Gynt”, Ibsen, Paris, Awarded “Coup de Coeur”, Festival of Avignon, more than 200 performances in 9 different countries
1990 “Jeanine or the Speech an the little man”, after Wilhelm Reich, Habama Theatre, Jerusalem, later Vienna and Paris
1988 “Le Nain Valentin et son entrée dans le monde réel”, Marcel Aymé, Paris, Tour throughout France, Alliance Française, Jerusalem Invited at the Wiener Festwochen 1989
DIRECTED and PRODUCED „Schlueterwerke“:
2019 "Companions" - performance for Linde Waber, with Sebastian Prantl and the Ensemble Schlüterwerke, Galerie Amart, Vienna
2017 "The Miracle Theatre", Comedy based on Cervantes, Theater am Steg, Baden, Austria
2016 „Cloud pump“, DADA’s 100. Anniversary, 7Stern Vienna,
Kulturfabrik Pasing Munich,
Jean Arp Museum Remagen, Germany
Hin&Weg Festival, Austria
„Dressflight“, by Elfriede Gerstl, Music: Renald Deppe, Porgy&Bess, Vienna
„On A String“, with Therese Cafasso, Max Shire and Kupferblum, Performance, ACFNY, New York
2015 „Voices behind the veal“, Brick 5, Vienna
„Exile in Akimera“, Internet Art Project
2014 „Tramp’s Nightmare“, Kupferblum, Café Korb, Vienna
2024 "Filomena Maturano", by Eduardo de Fillipo, Comedy Festival Porcia, Austria
2023 "End of the world" a comedy by Jury Soyfer, adapted and directed for the Comedy Festival Porcia in Austria
"Six Memos for a pianist and a self-playing piano", an transmedia performance with Hanne Pilgrim and Adrían Artacho Bueno, Strenge Kammer, Porgy&Bess, Vienna
2022 "Orange the World - War on Women" - an dramatic intervention for the International PEN Club, with Gilles Mussard, Vienna
2019 "Friends for one summer" a refugee story for a young audience, Music: Elisabeth Naske, Niederösterreichisches Tonkünstler Orchestra
"Pictures at an exhibition", with Gioia Osthoff and the Aureum Saxophon Quartett, Konzerthaus, Vienna
"Mareike spins" by Philipp Matthias Kaufmann, music theatre for children with Larisa Faber and Martin Folz, Philharmonie Luxembourg
Loopino at the castle of the marzipan princess, Philharmonie Luxembourg
Loopino crosses the magic forest, Philharmonie Luxembourg
2018 "The little Aquarius" Philharmonie Luxemburg, with Marie-Christiane Nishimwe, Conductor: Martin Folz, Animations: Konrad Stania
"Theodor Herzl", Theater im Nestroyhof Hamakom, Text: Liora Eger, Music: Renald Deppe, with Erwin Steinhauer, Katharina Stemberger, Iliya Roithman, Andreas Fellerer
2017 „Bottoms Dream“, Alex Kremer, Gershon Waiserfeier, Shakespeare Festival, Tel Aviv
2016 „Eisemann – the dancer who fell from the sky“, Watzka, tour through different venues in Vienna
„The big and the small Pfüh“, Christine Rettl, Magda Zenz, Dschungel Theatre, Vienna
„Right to the heart“, Gernot Kranner, Metropol Theater, Vienna
2015 „Go West“, Kupferblum, Stania, Fischel, Washington DC, USA
„Carneval of Animals“, with Markus Meyer, Wiener Symphoniker Orchestra, Konzerthaus, Vienna
2014 „La Commedia“, Centro Cultural Villa Salvador, Lima, Peru
„Mascara“, Teatro Yuyachkani, Lima, Peru
„Cries & Birds“, Johannes Hiemetsberger, Konzerthaus Vienna, Freistadt, Austria
2013 „Return ticket to the earth“, Clown Play, Gernot Kranner, Theater Akzent, Vienna
„Nuestro Barrio“, Teatro Yuyachkani, Lima, Peru
„Scenes from Teheran“, Theater Paradata, Teheran, Iran
2012 „Commedia de la Paradata“, Theater Paradata, Teheran , Iran
2011 „Maskerade“, René Staar, Ball of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Musikverein, Vienna
„La Battaglia di Constantinopel“, Tintoretto, Museum of Fine Arts, Vienna
„Oskar Serti goes to the concert. Why?“, by Patrick Corillon, Klangforum Wien, Konzerthaus, Vienna, Philharmonie Luxemburg, Philharmonie Cologne, Germany
2010 „The Secret of the Mountain Room“, by Kupferblum, NETNAKISUM, Vienna,
Ireland, Great Britain, Germany, China, Algeria, New York
„Autsch!“, Circus 320 Chili, Torino, Italy
„The little Vampire ABC“, Gernot Kranner, Ronacher, Vienna
2009 „Notturno“, A transylvanian adventure, Liechtenstein Museum, Vienna, Austria
„The divine voice“, Cocteau/Scelsi, Linz09, Salesianer Church, Linz, Austria
2008 „The visitor“, by Pharao, Kammerspiele, Vienna
„The moods of Mirandolina“, a commedia dell’Arte, by Kupferblum, Fespiele Retz, Austria
„Land of Pain“ Alphonse Daudet, Lentos Museum, Festival 4020, Linz, Austria
„The Marriage of Don Giovanni“, Con Anima, Ernstbrunn, Austria
„Masquarade Loufoque“, Street Theatre, High Fest, Yerevan, Armenia
„Haydn on the sea“, Kupferblum, Jeunesse, Konzerthaus Vienna and Austrian tour
„Festifools 2008“, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
2007 - 2008  „Triolino“, Staged concerts for children, Jeunesse, Konzerthaus, Vienna
2007 „Ich ersehne die Alpen“, Händlklaus, Baden bei Zürich, Switzerland
„The Midsummers Nightdream“, Shakespeare, Wasagasse, Vienna
„Jacques Le Nez at the Orient Express“, a cycle of 5 concerts from October 2008 – June 2009, Konzerthaus, Vienna
2006 "Der König verneigt sich und tötet", Herta Müller, Lentos Museum Linz, Austria
"Don Quixote", by Jan Koetsier, Sonus Brass, Dornbirn, Austria
„The Red Angel“, Maria Lloyd, Shunt Vaults, London
„In 80 days around the world“, after Jules Vernes, Philharmonie Luxemburg
2005 "Was sich liebt...", Musical, Jeunesse Musical, Konzerthaus, Vienna
"The Shape of things", Neil LaBute, Linz, Austria
"Christmas Dreams", Show, Racino, Austria
"Performance", Alex Kremer, Slava Ganelin, Austrian Embassy, Herzlija, Israel
2004 - 2017  „Die Blecharbeiter“, a Children Brass Show with the Band „Sonus Brass“, Jeunesse Musical, Vienna –
after almost 1.000 performances the international tour still going on
2004 “The world of Harry Storck”, Alan Fairbairn, Théâtre Le Bery-Zebre, Paris
2003 “Sigmund’s Dream”, Satyri Theatre, St. Petersburg
“Das Weite Land”, Schnitzler, Tour Production
2002 “Superstrings” mit Prof. Kreutzer, Heinz Reber, Klangforum, Konzerthaus, Vienna
“Le Balayeur” by Prévert, Music by Lisi Naske, Theater im Konzerthaus, Vienna
“Von hierda nach fortort”, Hommage to Raoul Hausmann, Kunstuniversität, Linz
2001 “Volpone”, by Ben Jonson, Linz, Austria
“Mandragola” Machiavelli, Damtschach, Austria
“Mit Etwas Extremismus...”, Huber, Klangforum, Konzerthaus, Vienna
2000 “Puss in Boots”, Volkstheater, Vienna
“Insomnia”, Out of Synch, Komedia, Brighton
“Legende Italiane”, Luca di Volo, Claudia Bombardella, Florence
“Ninas play of little things”, inspired by Keith Haring, Reinsberg, Austria
“Jesus and his companions”, Ostbahn Kurti, Tour in Vienna
1999 “Fata Morgana”, Teatro de Contradicion, Toronto
1998 “Décalage”, Alain Fairbairn, Maria Lloyd, Gerard Bell at Komedia, Brighton,
BAC, London,
Drachengasse, Vienna
“Dark Light”, by Kupferblum, Battersea Arts Center, London
“Vilnius Days”, Streettheatre Festival in Vilnius, Lithuania
1997 “Das Zweimäderlhaus”, by Kupferblum/Schubert, Drachengasse, Vienna
1996 “The Caretaker”, by Pinter, Volkstheater, Vienna
“Rachefrauen”, Sylvia Eisenberger, Drachengasse, Vienna
1995 “Torch Song Trilogy”, by Harvey Fierstein, Drachengasse, Vienna
“Alex Peterander Show”, Franz Franz, Drachengasse, Vienna
1994 “Romeo incontra Giulia”, after Shakespeare, Vienna
“The True Story of Love”, Music Hall, Porgy&Bess, Vienna
1990 “Uf mi po”, Children street theatre performance, with acting students from Beit Zwi, Haifa
1989 Street Artists Event for the opening of the Festival „Wiener Festwochen“
DIRECTED and PRODUCED „Totales Theater“:
2001 “La Bohème Révoltée”, Puccini, Music: Renald Deppe, Libretto: Markus Kupferblum, Porgy&Bess, Vienna
1999 “Little Viennese Waltz”, by Kupferblum, Aron Quartett, BAC, London, Künstlerhaustheater, Vienna
1994 “La Traviata”, Verdi, Totales Theater am Mittersteig, Vienna
1993 “I Pagliacci”, Leoncavallo, Salle de Bal, Vienna
“Jush-Tush”, Thomas Dézsy, Markus Kupferblum, Salle de Bal, Vienna
1991 “Orpheus und Eurydike”, Gluck, Totales Theater Studio, Vienna
1990 “Des totalen Theaters Experimentaloper”, Totales Theater, StudioVienna
1988 “La Serva Padrona”, Pergolesi, Berndorf, Niederösterreich
DIRECTED and PRODUCED „Schlueterwerke“:
2016 „Esperanza – a partisan opera“, Libretto: Lydia Mischkulnig, Music: Magdalena Zenz, Vienna Woods
2014 „San Ignacio – a jungle opera“, Libretto: Bodo Hell, Music: Renald Deppe, Hundsturm Theater, Vienna
2013 „Bohemian Bibel“, Lydia Mischkulnig, Sabine Scholl, Renald Deppe, Porgy&Bess, Vienna
„Winter Journey – a forced march“, Music by Schubert and Liszt, Words by Wilhelm Müller and Miklós Rodnóti, Brick 5, Vienna, Köchl Society, Krems
2019 "Clo-Clo", Franz Lehár, semi.staged, Lehár Festspiele, Bad Ischl, Operetta Award of the Bavarian National Radio
"La Vie Parisienne", Jacques Offenbach, Lehár Festspiele, Bad Ischl
2015 „Venus on Broadway“, by Kupferblum, Music: Kurt Weill, Schönbrunner Schlosstheater, Max Reinhardt Seminar, Vienna
2013 „The emperor of Atlantis“, Ullmann, Opera Modern, New York City,
New run and performances at a former SS Military base in Vienna – coproduction „Schlueterwerke“ under the presence of the President of Austria and several ministers of the Austrian government as well as ambassadors of many countries, e.g. Israel and USA
2012 „The emperor of Atlantis“, Ullmann, Opera Modern, Bohemian National Hall, New York City
2010 „Secretaries“, Wittenbrink, Opera Dortmund, Germany
2008 „White Horses Inn“, Benatzky, Opera Dortmund, Germany
2007 "La Finta Giardiniera", Mozart, Philharmonie Luxembourg
2006 "Brundibar", Hans Krása, Philharmonie Luxembourg
"La Finta Giardiniera", Mozart, Konzerthaus Vienna
2004 “The Marriage of Figaro”, Konzerthaus, Vienna
2003 “The Magic Flute”, Mozart, Oper Klosterneuburg, Austria
“Das Ännchen von Tharau”, Opera Kleipeda, Lithuania
2001 “La Barca”, “Il Festino”, by A. Banchieri, Beyrouth, Libanon
“Serenata Interotta”, Scarmolin, Bratislava
“Entführung aus dem Serail”, Mozart, Künstlerhaus Theatre, Vienna
2000 “El Retablo de Maese Pedro”, by Manuel de Falla, with Ostbahn Kurti, Wolfram Berger, Vienna Art Orchestra, Damtschach Castle, Austria
1998 “One Touch of Venus”, Kurt Weil, Opera Freiburg, Germany
1997 “Livietta e Tracollo”, Pergolesi, Torino, Italy
“The Caliph”, Scarmolin, Bratislava
“Aufenthalt”, “Elfi und Andi”, “Spleen”, Music: Olga Neuwirth, Libretto: Elfriede Jelinek, World Premiere, Podewil, Berlin, London
“Don Pasquale”, Donizetti, Opera Freiburg, Germany
1996 “Sissy”, by Marischka, with Alfons Haider, Conductor: Walter Kobera, Wiener Kammeroper at Schönbrunner Schlosstheater, Vienna
2022 "Lullaby" by Rainer Maria Rilke and Werner Richard Heymann with Ingala Fortange
2021 "Hike" by Ernst Jandl
"Owls" by Ernst Jandl with Béla Bufe and Florian Hockspiel
"Speechless" by Béla Bufe
"if I..." by Thomas Schafferer with Florian Hackspiel
"Le Hareng Saur" by Charles Cros with Lili Panisset
"The Girl Anactoria" by Sappho with Zeno Wolf
"December" by Hanne Pilgrim
2020 Homesick For TheMotherland" by Marina Iwanowna Zwetajewa with Elena Kristofor
"Appointment at the Penn Station" by Yoko Tawada, with Luise Czerwonatis
"Passiv" by Yoko Tawada with Luise Czerwonatis
"Divided Nights" by Mascha Kaleko with Anouk Wagener
"I'm Nobody! Who are you?" by Emily Dickinson with Stephanie Schmiderer
"I love you so much" by Joachim Ringelnatz with Theresa Martini
2019 "The Delineament of the Giants - in Memory of William Carlos Williams" - Short Movie, Paterson, NJ, USA, HD-Digital
2015 „Winter Journey – a forced march“, Video HD, DVD
2013 „Fremdkörper“, Thérèse Cafasso, Rebekah Wild, Video HD, DVD
2009 „Before the law“, Kupferblum, Vienna, HD, DVD
2002 “The Death of a Plastic Bag”, Thriller, Yoko Tawada, Hamburg, Mini DV
1993 “Ein Jüngling liebt ein Mädchen”, Schumann, Video Clip, Super-VHS
2022 6 Short Films for "Six Memos for a pianist and self-playing piano" with Hanne Pilgrim, Adrián Artacho Bueno and a Bösendorfer CEUS Piano
2020 "The Nutcracker and the Sugarfairy", with Sarah Viktoria Frick and Andrés Orozco-Estrada, Script and directing for the Vienna Symphony Orchestra
2010 „Highway Star“, NETNAKISUM, Tyrol, Music video, HD
2006 „Thank you, Richard“, Eva Neubauer, Wien, Mini DV
2002 “At home at Meier’s”, 16 mm
1999 “Herbstmeisterklasse”, Documentary movie about a Masterclass of the singer Walter Berry and Axelle Gall, DP: Eva Eckert, Mini-DV
1996 “Pop Secret”, Television Series, DP: Martin Gschlacht, Vienna, Beta-SP
1995 “Big Apple”, New York, 16 mm
“The Rain Girl”, New York, 16 mm
“Das Fest”, Documentary Movie, Innsbruck, Austria, Beta-SP
2023 "Wild But Heart - Kupferblum has breakfast" with Paulus Manker, Hubert Gaisbauer, Robert Misik, Robert Schindel, Thomas Toppler
SPRACHWELTEN - Kupferblum reads favorite poems by Daniel Spoerri and texts by Meret Oppenheim, Galerie Petra Seiser, Schörfling am Attersee, Austria
"Miracles Happen" Kupferblum speaks with Dr. Erika Freeman, Gabillonhaus, Grundlsee, Austria.
2022 "Wild But Heart - Kupferblum has breakfast" with Andrea Grill, Christa Zöchling, Stephan Eibel, Franz Koglmann, Rainer Bischof, Wolfgang Panhofer, Klemens Renoldner, Renata Schmidtkunz, Dirk Stermann
"Kupferblum Solo" Performance accompanied by Christoph Cech, Strenge Kammer, Porgy&Bess, Vienna
"Story Box" Street Performance with Avanaz Hassani, Vienna
"The Equestrian Army" by Issac Babel, mask performance with Renald Deppe, Institute for the Improvement of the Situation, Mals, Italy.
"Six Theses for the Present", inspired by Italo Calvino - A transmedia performance by Markus Kupferblum and Stefan Sterzinger, Strenge Kammer, Porgy&Bess, Vienna
2021 "Wild But Heart - Kupferblum breakfasts" with Cordula Reyer, Cornelius Granig, Prof. Fatima Naqvi, Ronald Pohl, Michael Freund, Sven Hartberger, Konrad Paul Liessmann, Lydia Mischkulnig, Andreas Vitásek, Herbert Cordt
2020 "Wild But Heart - Kupferblum at breakfast", Performance series, Porgy&Bess, Vienna, Austria
Guests: Elmar Zorn, Lilian Akopova, Werner Gruber
2019 „Wild But Heart - at Breakfast with Kupferblum“, Performance Series, Porgy&Bess, Vienna
Guests: Hans Kudlich, Mirjam Jessa, Christine de Grancy, Monika Meister, Mathias Ruegg, Christoph Huber, Achim Benning, Marie-Therese Arnbom, Zeno Stanek, Brigitta Blaha, Bodo Hell, Renald Deppe, Elisabeth Naske, Fabian Pollack
"Growl for Raoul", Mask performance for Raoul Hausmann with Willi Landl, Martin Stepanik and Renald Deppe, Anton Bruckner University, Linz, Austria
About Fathers - Hommage to Gottfried Maierwöger, Gallery Amart, Vienna
2018 „Wild But Heart - at Breakfast with Kupferblum“, Performance Series, Porgy&Bess, Vienna
Guests: Julia Giebel, Katharina Stemberger, Linde Waber, Dr. Erika Freeman, Stefan Vladar, Gerhard Reiweger
2017 „Tribute to Marcel Marceau“, Jean Arp Museum, Remagen, Germany
„Wild But Heart - at Breakfast with Kupferblum“, Performance Series, Porgy&Bess, Vienna
Guests: Doron Rabinovici, Sebastian Prantl, Stefan Sterzinger
"Bottom's Dream", Shakespeare Festival, Tel Aviv, T'muna Theatre, Performance with Alex Kremer and Gershon Waiserfeier
2016 „Le rétable de merveilles“, Parc of the European Parliament, Strasbourg, France
„On A string“, ACFNY, New York
Retrospective of Markus Kupferblum, Kulturfabrik Pasing, Munich, Germany
2014 „Maskperformance“, Teatro Comunal, Puno, Peru
„Sacré“, Dance Performance with Katharina Weinhuber, Atelier Theatre, Vienna
2013 „Bohemian Bibel“, by Lydia Mischkulnig, Sabine Scholl and Renald Deppe, Porgy&Bess, Vienna
„The Cabbage and the Crow“, Robert Crow, Kellertheater Klosterneuburg, Austria
„Maskperformance“, City Theatre, Teheran, Iran
„Das Zeitalter der Verluste“, Thomas Trenkler, Book Presentation, National Library, Vienna
„Censorship! The three of the Petrol Station“, Mathias Spohr, Brick 5, Vienna
2012 “On Uprising”, with Renald Deppe and Christoph Czech, Porgy&Bess, Vienna
2011 “Maskerade”, René Staar, Ball of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Vienna
“Oskar Serti goes to the concert. Why?” Klangforum Wien, Vienna, Luxemburg, Cologne
2010 “Answer to a never written letter”, by Kupferblum, Akko, Vienna
“Sun, Moon and Stars - Imago Dei”, by Renald Deppe, Krems, Austria
“Kupferblums Precipis”, Salon 5, Vienna
“Companions of Linde Waber”, Leopold Museum, Vienna
“Versauungen, Erbauungen & Systemsorgen”, Andreas Okopenko, Vienna
“Reading of the reports of the Vienna fire brigade on the 9.11.1938”, Simon Wiesenthal Institute, in a former synagogue, Vienna
2009 „Haydn on the sea“, Kupferblum, Jeunesse, Austria und Italy tour
„Notturno“, A transylvanian adventure, Liechtenstein Museum, Vienna, Austria
"Before the law", Kafka, Kupferblum, Supreme Court of Austria, Vienna
„Oh, shit“, TV Movie ORF, SAT1
2008 „Orient Music Express“, Jeunesse, Konzerthaus, Vienna
„Easter fragments“, Robert Crow, Klosterneuburg, Austria
„Land of Pain“ Alphonse Daudet, Lentos Museum, Festival 4020, Linz, Austria
„The Marriage of Don Giovanni“, Con Anima, Ernstbrunn, Austria
„Haydn on the sea“, Kupferblum, Jeunesse, Vienna
"Flake", Short Movie, Vienna, Austria
2007 - 2010  „Kupferblum’s breakfast“, monthly Performance , Brick 5, Vienna
2007 „La Didone Abbandonata“, Jos Houben, Theater im Nestroyhof, Vienna
„Branches of Thoughts“, Robert Crow, Gugging, Austria
„The Axes of Good“, Performance with Renald Deppe, Vienna
2003 “Sigmunds Dream”, Kupferblum, Satyri Teatr, St. Petersburg
2002 “Feydeau im Irrenhaus”, Robert Quitta, Jugendstil Theater, Vienna
2001 “Staatenlos im Nirgendwo”, Jewish Theatre, Austria
2000 “Heller als der Mond”, Film by Virgil Wiedrich
“Markus Kupferblum reads Hannah Arendt”, National Library, Vienna
1999 “Little Viennese Waltz”, London, Vienna
1993 “Da Ponte in New York”, Robert Quitta, Vienna
“Jush-Tush”, Totales Theater, Vienna
„Heaven!“, Clown Film, Paris
1992 “Paul Celan”, Klangarten, Vienna
1986 Solo sketches for the Austrian Television
1985 Hired in “Serapionstheater”, Vienna
1984 “Die Zeit der Ungeheuer”, Goya, Ruben Fraga, Dramatisches Zentrum, Vienna
further small parts in movies and television series with Virgil Widrich, Xaver Schwarzenberger and Heide Pils
"Wild But Heart - Kupferblum has breakfast" with Ioan Holender
from 2018 Senior Lecturer at the University of Music, Vienna, for "Opera Directing" and "Drama for Singers"
since 2008  „Masks in the theatre“, regular workshops, Bavarian Theatre Academy August Everding, Munich, Germany
Fall 2018 Max Kade Visiting Artist at Rutgers University, New Jersey
25. April 2024 "Theater and Politics: Productions and Audiences in the German-speaking world", Mahindra Center of Humanities, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA
2023 "Die Verwandlungen des Pierrot", Arthur Schnitzler and the Commedia dell'Arte, Barker Center, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA
2021 Lecture on the Political impact of Opera in Europe and North America from 1800 until today, Opera Studies Working Group, Department of Music, Yale University, New Haven, USA
2020 Commedia dell'Arte Workshop for Opera Singers, New England Conservatory, Boston, USA
2018 "Fools, Bouffons and Clowns and their relationship to the Commedia dell'Arte", Hunter College, New York
Lecture on "Commedia dell'Arte, its characters and the structure of its plots", Columbia University, Barnard College – Department of Theatre & Performance Studies
2017 „Commedia dell’Arte and Opera“, workshop, Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Opera department, Frankfurt, Germany
2016 - 2018 Adjunct professor for opera directing, University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna
2015 „Commedia dell’Arte“, workshop, Staatliche Hochschule der Künste, Stuttgart, Germany
2014 „Commedia dell’Arte“, Opera Department, University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna
„Neutral Mask“, workshop, Staatliche Hochschule der Künste, Stuttgart, Germany
„Commedia dell’Arte and Opera“, Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Opera department, Frankfurt, Germany
2013 „Commedia dell’Arte“, Escuela Nacional de Bolivia, Santa Cruz, Bolivien
„Don Giovanni and his time“, lecture, Hunter College, New York City, USA
2012 – 2015  Senior lecturer „Writing for the stage“, University of Applied Arts, Vienna
2012 - 2015  „Cultural Politics in Vienna“, lecture, Institute of Cultural Management, University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna
2012 „Romeo und Julia“, Workshop, University of Music and Dramatic Arts, Vienna
2011 Lecture „Theater Mittersteig, the qualities of a theatre building“, Architecture, Technichal University Vienna
2009 Visiting Professor at School for Art & Design, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
„Clown Doctors“, University of Haifa, Israel
„Expressive Masks“, workshop, Akademia ed Arteva, Tirana, Albania
2007 – 2014  „Directing and humor“, Dept. Theatre Sciences, University of Vienna with Prof. Peter Baminger
2007 – 2010  Senior lecturer for Directing and Physical acting at the Max Reinhardt Seminar, National Acting School, University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna
2007 „Acting with Masks“, Max Reinhardt Seminar, National Acting School, University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna
„Visiting Artist in Residence“, School of Arts & Design, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
2006 - 2010  "Directing", University of Vienna, with Prof. Libowitzky (Stage design)
2006 "Commedia dell'Arte", workshop, Anton Bruckner University, Linz, Austria
"Commedia dell'Arte in Contemporary Theatre", University of Tel Aviv, Israel
2005 Clown workshop, Anton Bruckner University, Linz, Austria
"Balinese Masks", workshop, Anton Bruckner University, Linz, Austria
2003 Mask workshop, Anton Bruckner University, Linz, Austria
2002 Film acting, workshop, Anton Bruckner University, Linz, Austria
„Commedia dell’Arte and the french theatre“, University of Vienna, Institute for Romanistic
Commedia dell’Arte workshop, Conservatory of the City of Vienna
„Dada“, lecture, University of Linz
2001 Clown workshop, Anton Bruckner University, Linz, Austria
1999 Commedia dell’Arte, lecture, theatre sciences, University of Vienna
1998 Masterclass “Magic Flute”, Academy of Music, Lithuania
1997 Mask workshop, Anton Bruckner University, Linz, Austria
„Drama and justice“, Lecture, University of London, England
1995 Acting for singers, workshop, South Eastern Louisiana University, Hammond, Louisiana
1992 Lecture about Clowns, Faculté de lettres, Sorbonne, Paris
Bouffon workshop, Class of Yehuda Morali, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
1991 Lecture about Clowns, Faculté de lettres, Sorbonne, Paris
1990 Clown workshop, Bezalel School, Jerusalem
2024 "Hands on Commedia dell'Arte for Puppet- and Object Theater", Workshop, Puppet Showplace Theater, Boston, USA
2023 Member of the Search Committee for the Intendant of the Komödienspiele Porcia, Austria
"Inauguration Speech for a memorial" to commemorate the exodus of the jews of Zwettel, Austria
2022 Member of the search committee to fill a professorship for physical theatre at the Max Reinhardt Seminar; Vienna
2021 Member of the search committee to fill a professorship for ensemble work at the Max Reinhardt Seminar, Vienna
2020 "Miracles happen - you just don't know when!" Vienna Lectures with Dr. Erika Freeman, Live on TV
2018 Mask workshop, Haus der Völker, Museum, Schwaz, Austria
"The Language of Masks", Hin&Weg Festival, Litschau, Austria
Member of the Jury for the IETM Meeting in Munich in November 2018 as part of the UNESCO Theatre Institute
Fireside chat with Katharina Stemberger, Hin&Weg Festival, Litschau, Austria
2017 „Commedia dell’Arte and Surrealism“, workshop and guided tour, Jean Arp Museum, Remagen, Germany
Workshop Commedia dell’ Arte, Jean Arp Museum, Remagen, Germany
„Acting Shakespeare“, Workshop, Shakespeare Festival, Tel Aviv
2016 - 2020 Member of the expert committee „New Circus“ at the ministry of culture, Austria
2016 „Directing“ Workshop, Vienna
„Performance Workshop“, Millbrook Singers, New York, Vienna
„Cervantes and Shakespeare – duel of giants?“ Strasbourg, France
„Jewish composers in Vienna between 1880 and today“, Jewish Community, Strasbourg
„Commedia dell’Arte and Surrealism“, workshop, Jean Arp Museum, Remagen, Germany
„Living paintings“ School project at the Albertina Museum, Vienna
2015 „Clown Workshop“ with more than 100 participants, Brunnenpassage, Vienna
„Masks“, Straubing, Germany
„Living paintings“ School project at the Museum of Fine Arts, Vienna
„Improvisation Theater“, Theater Academy, Linz, Austria
„International Theatre Exposure of Israeli Theatre 2015“, Tel Aviv, Israel
2014 „Commedia dell’Arte“, Conclave del Altiplano, Puno, Peru
„Clown“, Teatro Yuyachkani, Lima, Peru
„La Mascara Balinesa“, Teatro Juglar, Cuszco, Peru
„International Theatre Congress“, Baku, Azerbaijan
2013 „Mask theater“, Workshop am City Theatre, Teheran, Iran
„Neutral Mask“, Workshop, Vienna
„Experimental Opera“, Lecture at „Radical Teheran“, Milad Tower, Teheran, Iran
„Ritual Masks“, Lecture at the Festival „Traditional and Ritual Theatre“, Teheran, Iran
„Masks in the Theater“, Children University Steyr, Upper Austria, Austria
2012 „Challenge Opera“, Lecture, ACF, New York
“Integrierte Versorgung“, Keynote Speaker, Congress, Linz, Austria
„Bali Masks“, Workshop, Teheran, Iran
„Commedia dell’Arte“, European Art Space, Istanbul, Turkey
„Commedia dell’Arte“, Workshop for Drama Teachers, Zeilern, Austria
„Masks of Power“, Styrian Energy Enterprises, Austria
„Commedia dell’Arte“ Masterclass, Vienna
„Commedia dell’Arte“, Teatre de l'Enjòlit, Barcelona, Spain
„Integration and Exile“, Workshop, High School, Vienna
Masterclass „Directing“, Vienna
2011 Coaching, Hospital Mistelbach, Austria
"Balinese Masks in European Theatre", Lecture, Ethnological Museum, Vienna
"Directing and Dramaturgy", Theatre Pedagogics, St. Pölten, Austria
"Failing", Children's University, Steyr, Austria
2010 Coaching of the CEO, Daimler Benz, Stuttgart, Germany
„Financial and Artistic Perspectives in Fringe Theatre“, EON Meeting, Istanbul
Presentation of my work, Salon A, Neukölln, Berlin
Coaching for Medical Doctors, Vienna
„Clowns", Childrens University, Steyr, Austria
„Masks in Theatre“, Studies for Theatre and Drama Teachers, Vienna
2009 Opening of the Mask Exhibition at the Ethnological Museum of Austria, Vienna
„Commedia dell’Arte“, Akko Festival, Israel
„Pantomime“, Childrens University, Linz09, Linz, Austria
Opening of an exhibition about Alchemy, Kapfenberg, Austria
„Clown Training“, Clown Doctors, Tel Aviv, Israel
„Italian Masks“, Childrens University, Steyr, Austria
„Body language and Masks“ Open World Forum, Baden, Austria
Maskwork with the Assosiation of Judges, Austria
„Failing“, 4th Scientific Symposium of Clown Therapy, Vienna
2008 Opening Speech at the Festival „Con Anima“, Ernstbrunn, Austria
Speech on Justus Neumann at the „Stella 2008“ Gala, Dschungel, Vienna
„Mask Work with traumatized children“, Roseldorf, Austria
"Commedia dell'Arte", St. Stephan, Styria, Austria
"Clowns", Childen University, Steyr, Austria
„Abuse and Masks“, Protestant Church, Leonding, Austria
„Blood, Sweat & Tears“, Lecture, Joanneum, Graz, Austria
„The Attractivity of People aged 100 years“, Lecture, Contenence Congress, Linz, Austria
„Gender Mainstreaming and Intercultural Studies“, Herta Firnberg School, Vienna
Lautatio for Volker Schmidt at the „Nestroy Gala 2008“, Vienna
2007 – 2014  Psychodrama with Dr. Dinah Marin-Surkes, Vienna
2007 „The Power of Masks“, Lecture at Museum Joanneum, Graz, Austria
„Masks in Contemporary Theatre“, European Theatre Meeting, Brescia, Italien
„Work with traumatized children“, Child Care Conference, Vienna
„Play with objects“, Children University, Steyr, Austria
„Commedia dell’Arte“, BG Wels, Highschool, Austria
„Masks and Power“, Lecture for the Union of Judges, Vienna
„Gender Mainstreaming and Intercultural Studies“, Herta Firnberg School, Vienna
2006 Clowntraining, Dream Doctors, Tel Aviv, Israel
"Commedia dell'Arte", St. Stephan, Styria, Austria
"The Myth of the Mask", Children University, Steyr, Austria
Maskwork with traumatized children in Lower Austria
2005 Instruction for teachers, Musikschule Dornbirn, Austria
Clowntraining, Dream Doctors, Israel
"Balinese Masks", Bruckner University, Linz, Austria
"Expressive Masks", School of Visual Theatre, Jerusalem
"Commedia dell'Arte", Teatron Haguf, Tel Aviv
"Puppett Theatre", School Beit Tesha, Akko, Israel
2004 Training Medicus Comicus, Brixen, Italy
1.BIPAF Theaterfestival, Pusan, Korea
NewOp Meeting, Barcelona, Spain
2003 3. Myrjang Theatre Festival, South Korea
Mask workshop, School of Humor, Vienna
National Meeting of Clowndoctors, Brixen, Italy
2002 - 2004  Cliniclowns, regular training, Vienna
2002 Film, Waldorf School, Vienna
Mask workshop, School of Humor, Vienna
2001 „Commedia dell’Arte and Opera“, lecture, Daponte Institute, Vienna
Member of the search committee for a drama teacher, Anton Bruckner University, Linz, Austria
2000 Masterclass “Commedia dell’Arte”, Vienna
Masterclass “Clowns”, Vienna
1998 Clown workshop, School of Physical Theatre, Toronto, Canada
1997 Clown workshop, School of Physical Theatre, Toronto, Canada
1994 European Youth Circus Meeting, Lingen, Germany
1993 Acting workshop, Beit Zwi School, Tel Aviv
1992 Slapstick workshop, Jerusalem Film School, Jerusalem
1988 to 1991  Acting Workshops in Vienna
1988 Drama games, American Cultural Institute, Vienna
2024 "Scripta - a picture book with autographs of Austrian writers", Editor Helmut Niederle, edition PEN löcker, Vienna, 2024
2023 "The Beauty of Helena - A Guide to the Art of Acting" with a preface by Prof. Fatima Naqvi, PhD, Yale University, Illustrations by Linde Waber, Verlag Der Apfel (Editor), Vienna, Austria, 2023 (Bilingual German-English)
2016 „Harlequin and Colombine“, Catalogue „Bühnenreif“, Jean Arp Museum, Remagen, Germany
2013 "The Birth of Curiosity from the Spirit of Revolution - the Commedia dell'Arte as Political Popular Theater", reference book with illustrations by Linde Waber, Facultas Verlag, Vienna
„Zeitalter der Verluste“, Thomas Trenkler, Czernin Verlag, Vienna
2012 „Questions about Music Theatre“, Jury Everhartz, Edition Atelier, Vienna
2010 „Linde Waber is coming“, Catalogue of the Retrospective Linde Waber, Leopold Museum
„Reinhold Ponesch“, Catalogue, Vienna
2007 „The Myth of the Mask“, Catalogue for an mask exhibition, Styria, Austria
2006 „Leiden-schafften“, Anthologie, Book, Edition Splitter, Vienna
2004 "Schreibrituale", Anthology, Book, Edition Splitter, Vienna
2002 “Dadaismus”, Programme, Festival 4020, Linz, Austria
“Opera and Commedia dell’Arte”, Ria Nakt, Book, Triton Edition, Vienna
1996 “Fringe Theatre”, dietheater, year book, Vienna
Member of the P.E.N. Club
2022 Praise of Summer Stages, Salzburger Nachrichten, 5/2022
Jewish Humor does not know fear, Nu Magazin
2020 Article about the Social Security System for artists in Austria, Die Presse, daily paper, Vienna
2013 „About the value of Music Theatre “, Article in „Gift“, Theatre Magazin
„Mask and Transformation“ Article in „Revue – Magazin for the next society“
2012 „Working in Teheran and New York“, Article in „Gift“, Theatre Magazin
„Laudatio to Thomas Haffner“, Torberg Medal of the Israelitischen Kultusgemeinde, Vienna
„Hommage to Thomas Haffner“, Golden Decoration of the City of Vienna
2008 Laudatio for Volker Schmidt at „gift“ Theatre Magazine
2007 „Theatre Funding in Austria“, Article for „gift“ Theatre Magazine
Reception speech of the Nestroy 2007, „gift“ Theatre Magazine
2006 „The Axes of the Good“, Kursiv, Literature Magazin, Austria
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“Cultural politics”, Der Standard, Vienna
1995 “Cultural politics”, Der Standard, Vienna
1994 “Festival of Avignon”, Die Presse, Vienna
“Car test”, Die Presse
1992 “Cultural politics”, Der Standard, Vienna
2014 "Tramps Nightmare", dramatic reflection on 1914
2012 „Shipping Adele“, Play
2010 „The Vampire ABC“ Music Walter Lochmann, Dialogue Markus Kupferblum
„Answer to a never written letter“, biographical play about my father
2009 „Before the law“, political play
2008 „The moods of Mirandolina“, A Commedia dell’Arte
2007 „The Abandoned Dido“, an Opera Monologue
2006 "In 80 Tagen um die Welt", Children Play for percussion and actors, after Jules Verne
1999 “Little Viennese Waltz”, Dance theatre
1991 “Heldenwärts Zu”, play
1990 “Finsteres Licht”, play
2019 New translation and adaptation of "La Vie Parisienne - Parisian Life", Jacques Offenbach
Loopino at the castle of the marzipan princess
Loopino crosses the magic forest
2015 „Venus on Broadway“, libretto for a musical with music by Kurt Weill
„Carneval of animals“, libretto for the „Wiener Symphoniker“ Orchestra
2011 „La battaglia di Constantinopel“ after a painting by Tintoretto
2010 „The secret of the mountain room“, Mountaindrama for NETNAKISUM
„Maskerade“, Mask play for René Staar
2009 „The Daughter of the Regiment“, Donizetti, Dialogues
2008 „The Marriage of Don Giovanni“, Scenical Thoughts about Marriage
„Haydn on the sea“, Musical Comedy for Children
2007 „Jacques Le Nez at the Orient Express“, Musical Comedy for Children
2005 "Was sich liebt, das neckt sich", Children Musical
2001 “La Bohème Révoltée”, libretto
2000 “Die Goldene Meisterin des Fröhlichen Vergessens”, Operetta
1998 “One Touch of Venus”, translation, Kurt Weill
1997 “Six Scenes from paradise”, libretto
1996 “Zweimäderlhaus”, operetta
1992 “Jush-Tush”, libretto
1995 “Nightclip”, film script
2020 Memorandum for the 9h European Theatre Day of Tolerance
2019 Memorandum for the 8h European Theatre Day of Tolerance
2018 Memorandum for the 7h European Theatre Day of Tolerance
2017 Memorandum for the 6th European Theatre Day of Tolerance
2016 Memorandum for the 5th European Theatre Day of Tolerance
2015 Memorandum for the 4th European Theatre Day of Tolerance
2014 Memorandum for the 3rd European Theatre Day of Tolerance
2013 Memorandum for the 2nd European Theatre Day of Tolerance
2012 Memorandum for the 1st European Theatre Day of Tolerance
Foundation in 2012, together with Bernd C. Sucher and Gaby Welker